Shel Najera established
Portrait Originals in 1995.

My creataive passion took flight in 1995 when I opened
my studio ~ Portrait Orginals by Shel.

I love to photograph in nature with the gorgeous
natural light wrapping softly around my subjects
and dancing through the trees.

My most rewarding experience is watching my client's
families grow. I love to capture the milestones along
the way and I enjoy so much the relationships
and camaraderie that ensues.

I feel like I get to celebrate what I value most...
family & relationships with those we love.


So cozy in your womb,
their features start to form.
Anticipation of this miracle
makes your heart feel warm.

Then heaven sends an angel,
for you to love and hold.
The deepness of the love you feel,
in words, cannot be told.

You cherish and you comfort them,
you watch them while they sleep.
Everyday you see them changing,
your bonds of love grow deep.

Their first smile, rolling over;
then sitting up alone
crawling turns to walking,
then talking on the phone.

Their chubby little hands and feet
with dimples etched so dear.
The cuddly rolls on legs and arms
that slowly disappear.

Then onto days of toddlerhood,
the challenges arise.
An independent growing time,
they change before your eyes.

Each stage of the way is so special,
as their journeys in life unfold.
their personalities develop,
creating stories to be told.

As the storyteller,
through my camera, let me be,
the creator of the image
that sets their spirit free.

Capturing life's moments
is a heartfelt celebration,
sharing it with others
is The Beauty of Creation.


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